Your accommodation at Lau-Balagnas, at Monique Nograbat's
.. Bienvenue à Lau-Balagnas.. Welcome to Lau-Balagnas .. Bienvenidos a Lau-Balagnas .. Benvenguda a Lau-Balagnas ..
Small village situated in the Hautes-Pyrénées, Lau-Balagnas is a part of Argelès-Gazost. 502 habitants (conscripts the Lau-Balutins and the Lau-Balutines) live in Lau-Balagnas, (altitude 496 metres)
Since Lau-Balagnas, quite close, hikes will lead you to the forest of Cabaliros, or on the slopes of Hautacam. Cauterets, the Bridge of Spain and its waterfalls, Luz St Sauveur, Argeles-Gazost et Saint Savin are waiting for you. Lourdes is only at some kilometers.
Eternal Pyrenees and their national park are there, very near:  the Aubisque, the Soulor, the Tourmalet , the Pic du Midi de Bigorre,  the Estaubé circus, the lac des Gloriettes, the Troumouse circus  ...then, in the steps of Russel, the high mountain: you will discover Gavarnie and its circus, the Bellevue grottos, then that of Paradise a length of the Pique longue of the Vignemale
Address: Monique Nograbat 28 route des Vallées 65400 LAU BALAGNAS
Tél. 05 62 97 22 45
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